Mission and Scope

The mission of the journal is to achieve par excellence in producing quality research in theory and practice both in English language, Linguistics and Literature. The journal is keen to help make connections between fields, theories, research methods, and scholarly discourses, and welcomes papers which critically reflect on literary topics, critical theories and current practices around the world. It promotes scholarly and scientific discussion of issues in Applied linguistics which  is viewed not only in relation between theory and practice, but also as the study of language and language-related problems in specific situations in which people use and learn language. The ELF  journal covers a wide area of enquiry in general and applied linguistics and literature, and therefore welcomes contributions in the areas   such as: bilingualism and multilingualism; conversation analysis; corpus linguistics; critical discourse analysis, deaf linguistics, discourse analysis and pragmatics, first and second language learning, teaching, and use; language assessment, language planning and policies, language for special purposes, lexicography, literacies, multimodal communication,  stylistics translation studies and Sociolinguistics